AcCT Technology

What is AcCT?

AcCT is the proprietary technology on which Anxa’s well-being products are built. AcCT is short for Anxa Coaching and Community Technology, a comprehensive suite of applications that operate the four parts of any program or community we launch:

  • Coaching Programs

    Coaching program

    For our premium programs, we adapt best-selling titles from renowned coaches for online distribution, to multimedia formats such as videos, daily e-mails, and articles. Our free programs similarly provide daily e-mails and practical articles. Each coaching program also provides interactive applications like graphs, calculators, and searchable glossaries, all of which help users achieve their personal well-being goals.
  • Community tools

    Community tools

    Included here are all the tools for users to communicate with one another, such as chat, blogs, forums, and meetings, to name a few. Their communication with us is also vital, which we encourage through customer support via e-mail or over the phone with a representative. Premium programs also allow users to interact with the coach for a more personal approach.
  • E-commerce


    Coaches and commercial partners are provided with an online retail outlet for their books, their own branded line, or promoted products. Complementary well-being products are also part of the store’s catalogue.
  • Mobile applications

    Mobile applications

    Our programs are already available on Apple’s App Store and the Android Market.