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We value our relationships with the coaches who choose to license their brand and image with us, providing them with comprehensive assistance from our team to launch a new online coaching program. Our partners and distributors are also credited with the success that Anxa enjoys with its catalogue of well-being products. It is this success that forges long-term collaborations.

  • Savoir Maigrir and The Parisian Diet

    Savoir Maigrir and The Parisian Diet

    Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen is France’s foremost nutrition expert and a best-selling author whose books are translated in over ten languages. His first book Savoir Maigrir (Knowing How to Eat) was published in 2002, the same year he received the National Order of Merit. 2007 saw his first program, also called Savoir Maigrir. These were then followed by the Bon Appétit Diet in the Philippines in 2011 and La Diet Bon Appétit in Spain in 2012. In 2013, Dr. Cohen launched his latest book for the United States called The Parisian Diet along with the eponymous online coaching program. All of Dr. Cohen’s programs are exclusively distributed by Anxa.

    'Parisian Diet:' Just Savor Food, Author Says
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  • MENTALslim


    An exponent of Ericksonian hypnosis, Dr. Jean-Michel Gurret founded the Hyland association in France and Belgium and practices EFT or Emotional Freedom techniques. His unique approach to weight loss and health tackle the issues not simply from the point of view of food and nutrition but rather from a person's mental attitude with one's self and one's relationship with food. This unique online program was launched with Anxa in early 2008.
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  • Methode Montignac

    Methode Montignac

    La Methode Montignac is the same method being used by celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Hugh Grant, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Books on this method have reached over 26 million in sales and have been published in 25 languages. The Methode Montignac focuses not on volume of intake but on the quality of what we eat. Launched in late 2008 on the Internet with Anxa, users can now consult directly with noted dietitian Sybille Montignac and an expert team of coaches.
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  • Methodes Naturelles

    Methodes Naturelles

    Methodes Naturelles is the brainchild of popular French journalist and television presenter Olivia Adriaco and her partner, naturopath and bestselling author Alessandra Moro Buronzo. The Methodes Naturelles weight loss program combines the premium elements of Bach flowers, aromatherapy, phytotherapy and others to combat the modern stressors that affect the emotional, mental, and physical status of an individual. Through an exclusive deal with Anxa, this unique, all-natural diet program was launched in May 2009.
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  • Methode Rougier

    Methode Rougier

    Dr. Yann Rougier/Dr. Rougier is a noted and well-respected expert in the nutrition field. His Methode Rougier program is the culmination of 25 years of study on food and its effects on the metabolism of modern people. Methode Rougier aims to re-educate individuals about their concepts of food, health, and wellness. Rougier's bestselling books includes Voulez-vous maigrir avec moi? (Would You Like to Lose Weight With Me?) and Prévenir et vaincre le surpoids en famille (Prevent and Overcome Fat in the Family). His Slim-Data program was launched by Anxa in May 2009.
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  • Chrono-Geno-Nutrition


    Dr. Claude Chauchard is the expert behind the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Method that produces personalized weight loss programs based on food compatibility. Based on an individual’s blood type and food intolerances, the method determines the order and time at which food is consumed. The method is structured into 3 phases, Detoxification for Rapid Weight loss, Extended Detoxification and The Final Stabilization. After successfully completing all 3 phases, the individual will have achieved their target weight and shed pounds from specified areas of the body.
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