Anxa’s 8 Core Values


1. Sharing our Happiness with our Communities

Anxa’s primary goal is to ensure the long-term happiness of each of its three core communities: Anxa team members, authors and experts, and customers. As such, we orient every aspect of our work towards community management and take great care and consideration in creating fruitful and longstanding relationships with every member of every community.

Putting a premium on happiness entails us to try out inventive ways in measuring and promoting it to our different communities.

From providing team members with free access to life coaching programs to giving the full spectrum of community management for each brand and program, Anxa’s services can only exist if these three groups are satisfied and involved in the quality of offerings and customer service.

2. Do more with Less

Anxa looks up to several role models for business, culture, and service. Our biggest influences are companies like Zappos, Amazon, and Google. These brands are known for their unique take on corporate culture and customer service, all under the belief of doing more with less.

Like those companies, we here at Anxa take on every endeavour with a goal of greatness in sight and strive to do our very best in order to achieve it. Anxa team members are called to always “do more” and never settle for “good enough”. Our mindset is such that our work is never finished and we are never satisfied.

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3. Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports

The founders of Anxa are former athletes, as are many others in its ranks. This nurtures a strong sports culture among the team members, which champions the values of effort, passion and self transcendence; it also reinforces the belief in coaching as a way to develop people.

Well-being is also a value that goes hand-in-hand with athleticism and sports. As we prioritize commitment and discipline during work, we also value personal time and creating a relaxed and centred frame of mind. Anxa instils this value to the team by helping them gain access to gyms and spas, encouraging them to get the most out of their rest periods, and spending quality time on weekends with their family.

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4. Focus on Personal Development

The company's catalogue of personal development tests are made available to employees in order to give them the opportunity to know themselves better. Under the program "Wheel of Life", the company provides each employee access to a qualified psychologist for personal assessment (family, hobbies, career, money, etc.). All this is done in an effort to assist in the continuous improvement of every member and their growth.

As Anxa nurtures every individual’s personal development, the company also dares them to be different, to think out-of-the-box, and to come up with ideas that are unexpected, fun, and yes, even a little crazy.

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5. Communicate, Share, and Collaborate

On a personal level, Anxa encourages its teams to strive for transparency and disclosure. It encourages them to use social networks and to get involved with social organizations in their free time. On a professional level, all development projects are undertaken in a collaborative way: employees are called to commit and share essential elements in order to ensure effective communication, rapid integration into the team, and the success of every project.

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6. Promote Positive Team Spirit and Family Values

As a team, Anxa strives for a common goal and works together to achieve it. As a family, we look out for each other and encourage creativity in each person's dreams and ambitions. Take together, this creates a positive environment that lets people speak their mind and allow innovations that push our goals and take our team forward.

Taking to heart the Law of Attraction, we have learned to focus on our objectives clearly, creatively, and with intent, in order to bring them to reality.

Team leaders are called to lead by example, as we believe this sets the standard for excellence in every aspect of our various endeavours and denies any room for mediocrity in our vocation. We believe that this kind of environment helps mould individuals to take a proactive approach to work and create effective and harmonious relationships with their peers. In Anxa, every success is regarded as team victory.

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7. Develop a Taste for Travel and Asia

Anxa was founded in Hong Kong, the world capital of Feng Shui, and has its main production centre in Asia. Anxa members are all great travellers and are open to other cultures. As a symbol of that spirit of adventure, each year, the company takes its new colleagues to swim with the magnificent whale sharks of Donsol, 5 hours from Manila.

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8. Remember it’s always Day 1 and Cultivate Respect

We take on every day as a brand new start, asking ourselves how to make our work better, faster, and stronger. We keep in mind that every day is Day 1 and anticipate every new challenge that comes our way. We never settle for what was done before and continually push ourselves to dream bigger and do better.

Although Anxa dreams big, we keep our feet on the ground. We acknowledge that despite all our efforts, expertise, and experience, there will always be challenges that will seem insurmountable if we face them alone. Employees are encouraged to ask for help and seek advice as everyone has something unique and useful to contribute. We believe that this helps cultivate respect and understanding among ourselves and everyone else that we deal with, including competitors.

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